As REALTORS® we are committed to home ownership and your right to the “American Dream of Home Ownership”.
 To this end we support candidates and issues that insure that is a reality for everyone  Your vote helps in that end.
 The links below will help you find your elected officials, register to vote and/or update your current voter registration.

As the largest professional trade association in the United States, the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) represents over one million residential REALTORS® and commercial practitioners involved in all facets of the industry as brokers, sales agents, property managers, appraisers and counselors. NAR advocates policy initiatives that promote and protect a fundamentally sound and dynamic U.S. real estate market fostering vibrant communities in which to live and work. In 2015, NAR will be focused on the following public policy initiatives:

Market Statistics

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  • 401356.15,358221.46,376707.98,371485.93,369119.44,413899.49,367594.84,351379.58,397191.52,407775.48,461987.54,410398.47
  • 379000.00,375000.00,369900.00,379250.00,389000.00,399000.00,399000.00,399500.00,399000.00,399999.00,418000.00,419000.00
  • 339000.00,319000.00,345000.00,325000.00,293000.00,335000.00,325000.00,316500.00,359000.00,359900.00,396938.00,352500.00

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