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Oregon Buyer/Seller Property Advisories

Value of working with REALTOR

Wood Stove Fact Sheet – What you should know before buying or selling a home with a wood stove

New Home? Questions to ask your Insurance Agent

Selling Your Home? Click here for some tips to get your house sale ready

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Market Statistics

  • 474488.73,482066.18,483270.91,485776.55,495064.96,499975.45,509631.88,508352.05,528724.11,537852.70,543807.74,544369.08
  • 404812.17,453294.95,396288.48,393259.64,432984.39,383736.64,441488.26,372550.61,388307.43,395206.91,373282.16,407209.36
  • 399000.00,399999.50,399900.00,399500.00,399000.00,405000.00,419900.00,415000.00,425000.00,429000.00,429000.00,442000.00
  • 352850.00,385000.00,349950.00,336000.00,365000.00,339000.00,390750.00,298500.00,349000.00,344000.00,311000.00,364500.00

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